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Endometriosis and Painful Ovulation – Living with Endometriosis

Endometriosis and Painful Ovulation – Living with Endometriosis

For many women, getting pregnant with endometriosis, or even just living with endometriosis, is a struggle that can cause problems in several areas. Besides the physical issues related to infertility and endimetriosis, its effects can increase stress levels, which are also related to trouble or problems conceiving. On the physical side, endometrial growths can affect the reproductive organs and their functions. 

Ovaries expand during ovulation. Growths on the ovaries can restrict this
expansion causing an altered ovulation process. Growths can constrict or even block the Fallopian Tubes, restricting the flow of eggs. Another physical problem with endometriosis, painful intercourse, occurs when there are endometrial growths on the cervix or other pelvic areas. Relative to infertility and stress, endometriosis has a cascading, or snowball effect on women living with endometriosis.
They must endurepainful ovulation and perhaps even painful intercourse. Every month they have to brace themselves for the coming pain. To suffer through these painful activities, without the success of conception can push many women into a state of depression that only exacerbates her situation.

Typically, for most women, their first step is to try to find out more about endometriosis. This could be as simple as conversations with other women, or as detailed as a comprehensive internet search. Also typical, are the results they find. The majority of treatment recommendations are for hormone and drug treatments, or even surgery in serious cases. Endometriosis is presently incurable and these treatments really only mitigate the symptoms relative to pain, and at best, only lessen its restrictive effects on the reproductive system. Many women are now giving serious consideration to non-medical alternatives.

Endometriosis Alternatives to Drugs or Surgery

Many people still dismiss old-time remedies and ancient traditions as just old wives-tales. They roll their eyes at the mention of holistic methods. But there is a growing body of anecdotal evidence that perhaps the methods used before “modern medicine” became the answer to all our ills, still have some validity. After all, the problems of infertility, trouble conceiving, and living with endometriosis are not new, they have existed since the beginning. And since the world’s populations have continued to grow at a steady rate, something must have helped women before “modern medicine” arrived. Perhaps any woman living with endometriosis should also consider some of the natural or holistic methods of treatment before committing to any risky drug or surgical procedure.

One source of information for natural methods of controlling endimetriosis is Dr. Lisa Olson's book, Pregnancy Miracle. In her book she discusses many natural and holistic methods to increase your chances to get pregnant, including struggling with endemetriosis. There is even a section on ancient Chinese methods, It is not "voo-doo" or sticking pins in yourself, it is methods that have worked for women through the centuries. Methods that were used to help women increase chances to get pregnant before "modern medicine" came along and claimed to be the "be-all cure-all" for these problems.

You owe it to yourself and yor health to check out all your options before committing to and risky plan or procedure.

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